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Guidelines For A Successful Project Development

First Establish Goals & Objectives


Fear is a huge motivator. Knowing that your competitors are enjoying the benefits derived from the adoption of advanced order fulfillment technologies - has got to be a little unsettling. Especially if they can now provide a broader menu of customer services such as, item gift wrapping, personalization and monogramming, along with special packaging and shipping services that would seriously constrain your current operation. The demand for these types of services is steadily increasing.

Providing specialized customer services efficiently often requires mechanized and/or automated handling processes. When planning and deploying this type of technology, most companies are going to need some assistance from industry experts. It takes a considerable amount of time to acquire the highly specialized knowledge and experience needed to plan and develop an automation project. Therefore, hiring an independent industry expert or consultant can save time and money – that is, if you are ready.

For example: it’s a good idea to bring in an industry advisor to help figure out where you need to go relative to operational improvements. But first you need to have a clear understanding and consensus of what your company’s goals and objectives are. For example...


Cliff Holste is SCDigest's Material Handling Editor,
and author of our Sorting it Out Column/Blog
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New Materials Handling Tech Notes

The first analytic reports for the materials handling and distribution industry.

This report: Advances in Conveyor Technology increasing System Flexibility


Labor Management System
(LMS) Overview

Present by SCDigest Editor Dan Gilmore

View our Complete Labor Management System Resources Page

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