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Understanding The Tradeoffs Between Jobs & Automation

Can We Manage the Impact of Automation on the Jobs Market?


As was painfully obvious during the most recent recession, the economy of the United States, as well as all other industrialized countries, is based on jobs. Jobs, along with the tax revenues they create, are critical to the health, prosperity, and security of the country and its citizens. That is why leaders of industrialized countries are focused on job creation.


Within the global business community, efficiency, speed, and productivity are highly sought after attributes. The U.S. workforce is already the most productive in the world. But, we have just scratched the surface. We are now entering an era where the number of jobs, (blue collar, white collar, and service related) in the economy will be drastically reduced by automation.

The Logistics Industry is just beginning to see...


Cliff Holste is SCDigest's Material Handling Editor,
and author of our Sorting it Out Column/Blog
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New Materials Handling Tech Notes

The first analytic reports for the materials handling and distribution industry.

This report: Advances in Conveyor Technology increasing System Flexibility


Labor Management System
(LMS) Overview

Present by SCDigest Editor Dan Gilmore

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